Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper - Men's Slipper

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Open back, slip-on style considers simple on/off. The fitted upper and back lip help keep your shoe from slumping off your foot, particularly when strolling down steps. 

Adaptable padding insole molds to the forms of your foot for pad delicate solace; spoil yourself in the wake of a difficult day at work, or that dedicated spouse or Dad in your life by giving his drained feet a merited rest. 

Sole: Rubber 

Conclusion: Slip-On 

Heel Height: 0.8 inches 

Material Composition: 95% Cotton/5% Spandex 

Shoe Width: Medium 

Breathable waffle-sew upper encourages you maintain a strategic distance from sweat-soaked feet, keeping your toes dry and unscented. Produced using 100% veggie lover and machine launderable material. 

Durable elastic sole with hostile to slip footing allows you to venture outside the house to snatch the mail or walk the canine. 

Estimating tip: to locate your best fitting size, kindly allude to our "Size Chart" close to the size choice menu. In the event that you have wide feet, we suggest going up a size.

What Our identity is 

RockDove was made for five birdwatchers of the Los Angeles Audubon Society in 2002. They were our clients, when we weren't yet a shoe organization, yet a beachside workshop in Santa Monica, California that resoled climbing boots. For a very long time we ensured the feet of ardent explorers as they traveled rebuffing landscapes across southern California's mountains and deserts. As their nearby shoe shoemaker, when clients had footwear needs, they came to us. Furthermore, after some time they requested something that was severely missing, not in their time vanquishing the outside but rather in their lives at home—quality indoor shoes to comfort their high-mileage, trail-exhausted feet. So for Christmas that year, we made five sets of shoes for our long-term Audubon clients utilizing a low profile boot last. 

Shoe brands in southern California, where bright sea shores and flip failures rule, don't give a lot of consideration to shoes. So we had little to expand on. In any case, we realized how to make agreeable, dependable footwear. Utilizing sleeping pad adaptive padding, gel insoles, against stun EVA from climbing boots, and then some, we planned shoes with the objective of ameliorating incredibly drained feet. After two months when we conveyed a bulletin about our shoe explore, clients reacted with 350 mail orders. We named our shoes after the most widely recognized bird we knew, the stone (pigeon) regularly seen swaggering the promenades of Santa Monica Pier. They're a keepsake of where we're from and what we address. 

Right up 'til the present time our tradition of making footwear as though for the most depleted, experience wearied feet lives on. Be that as it may, experience isn't continually holding tight a rope off the side of a mountain. Everybody experience their own rendition of it, each and every day. We make shoes with the goal that any individual who's on their feet the entire day—energetic outdoorsmen as well as instructors, cooks, medical caretakers, clerks, traffic cops, mailmen, and that's just the beginning—can depend on exchanging into the world's most agreeable shoes once they return home. 

Our mission to get comfort down to a science pushed us to get perhaps the soonest adopter of high-thickness adaptable padding in shoes. In 2004, we connected with neighborhood rest specialists at the Long Beach Mattress Company to source their adaptable padding clinchers, which we at that point formed into insoles. In any case, sleeping cushion comfort didn't actually mean shoe comfort. So we fanatically changed the thickness and immovability of our froths to make that "sweet spot" level: one that offers unfathomable solace, yet less padding that you'll want to stroll in a sand trap. Today, at the core of each RockDove shoe is a multilayered froth development—a 40-70D adaptive padding that bounce back with each progression, a heel embed that adds solidness, and an enemy of stun EVA layer.

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